30+ Best Google AdSense WordPress Themes 2022

We’ve collected the best Google AdSense WordPress themes, all of which have powerful support built-in for Google AdSense to help you generate revenue!

Google AdSense is a simple, automated way to serve relevant adverts on your website. Text, images, videos, or interactive ads — you name it. By dropping a small snippet of code into your theme, you can automatically serve up relevant, targeted ads to your readers.

If you’re a run an online blog, magazine, or content website, hooking it up to Google AdSense can be a great, quick way to generate some advertising revenue.

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Can’t I Add This to Any Theme?

Absolutely. If you’re happy delving into your theme’s code, you can add an advertising slot anywhere, on any theme (whether that’s a leaderboard ad, sidebar ad, or something else). Our guide on how to integrate Google AdSense with a WordPress theme is a good starting point!

But if you’re not particularly savvy with HTML code, or don’t want to mess with your theme, it’s best to track down a theme that already comes with AdSense support built in. We’re here to help!

Every theme featured in this collection already has everything you need to integrate Google AdSense. There’s a simple setting (or a few) that allow you to drop in your ad code, to quickly get started. No code, no fiddling around! Enjoy looking through the collection, and we hope you find one of these Google AdSense WordPress themes fits your needs!