35+ Best Architecture WordPress Themes 2024 (Free & Premium)

We’re taking a look at the best architecture WordPress themes for property and interior designers, builders, and architects. These are the perfect way to showcase your architectural projects and clients.

Having a professional and stylish online presence for your architecture business is really important. If you’ve spent countless hours designing and envisioning a beautiful building project, you’ll want to be able to showcase it to the world in a gorgeous website design.

WordPress makes this easy. You can choose a theme that’s specifically designed for architects, builders, and property designers. All of those featured here include features that are perfect for this industry and are designed in a style that your clients will love. Pick a theme, install it, and you can get started adding your own pages, projects, photography, and testimonials.

You might even gain a little inspiration from some of the architectural projects featured on the demo sites for these different WordPress themes. We certainly did!

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