30+ Best After Effects Outro Templates (+ Free AE Outros) 2024

Creating any kind of video content comes with a lot of moving parts, especially when it comes to the post-production step. You need to find the right effects, make sure the footage looks good, and add in a lot of details to make your content stand out.

Regardless of the style of content, you’re creating, one annoying step can often be finding the right After Effects template. One style that often falls under the radar is After Effects outros, which help you cap off your content in a captivating fashion.

It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to get together a wide range of premium and free After Effects outro templates. We’ve made an effort to span a wide range of styles, making sure there is something for everyone on this list.

If you’re looking to craft a perfect outro, and need a template to get you started, then this list will provide you with everything you need to input a captivating outro design in minutes without the hassle of searching the After Effects library for hours.

Read on to see our list of the best After Effects outro templates!

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Find After Effects Templates

Christmas Intro & Outro Pack

After Effects Outro Template

Bring a touch of joyful festive vibes to your outro screen with the Christmas Pack. This product is an excellent choice for Christmas sale videos, promotional events, party invitations, and a range of other holiday-themed projects.

Logo Reveal Services – After Effects Outro Template

After Effects Outro Template

Need some versatality in your outro template collection? Then you need this After Effects template. It arms you with long, short and scroll versions of intro, and outro, each with their own unique design. A fantastic resource that stands as one of the most creative on this list.

Trendy Endscreens – After Effects Outro Template

After Effects Outro Template

If you’re producing content for YouTube, then your outro is end screens. This product provides you with a range of end screen designs, all tailored to look chic, and classy. One of the best After Effects outro templates for more professional styled content, but flexible enough for almost any kind of creative application as well.

Trap YouTube – Like, Share, Subscribe Pack

If you’re creating YouTube content, then you’ll likely be in the market for an outro that fits the YouTube style. This collection of stylish like, share, and subscribe animations are designed to provide you with a high-energy outro that viewers will come to love.

Hollywood Movie After Effects Outro Templates

Emulate the iconic Hollywood style with this After Effects template providing matching intro and outro styles, and each option is rendered in 4K for maximum aesthetic effect. A great option for both creative and professional use, and easy to edit to your own production needs!

End Screens – After Effects Outro Template

Add a dash of personality to your YouTube content with this collection of YouTube End Screens. Each end screen comes in a different design and has all of the lower-third, and text layer options that are typical for YouTube content.

Cine Credit – After Effects Outro Template

Want to add some traditional credits to the end of your video production? Then the Cine Credits package is what you’re after. A simple, and gritty, take on the traditional rolling credits style and equipped with all of the customization options you’ll need to make it yours.

YouTube Outro After Effects Template

After Effects Outro Template

Emulate a modern outro style with the fluid Youtube end screen collection. Inside you’ll find a versatile call to action screen, designed to match a wide range of online content styles. A fantastic resource for those looking to get into Youtube, and make themselves look professional.

Simple Abstract Logo Outro Template

Sometimes simplicity is all you need. With the Simple Abstract Logo Outro, you can create a minimalistic outro style, whilst still putting your logo in center focus. A great option for more professional video productions, or video content styles that are not looking to get too flashy.

Glass Youtube End Screens

Looking for a more minimalist YouTube outro? This collection of Glass Youtube End Screens is exactly what you’re looking for. The package comes with a range of sleek and ultra-modern designs, combined with all of the features you’d want for generating popular YouTube content.

Modern After Effects Outro Template

This outro and intro pair use an interesting dark-mode style, mixed with modern minimalism to create a stunning template design. A great choice for a wide range of video styles, and will fit perfectly with both professional and creative video formats.

Wedding After Effects Outro Template

If you’re looking for a unique, but traditional wedding outro, then this dynamic and gorgeous After Effects template is for you. It’s a simple to use, but wonderful to look at outro template that is sure to impress!

Lines Logo – After Effects Outro Template

Here we have a creative and charismatically animated After Effects outro template that uses elegant and dynamic lines to reveal your logo in style. A gold standard in After Effects outro templates that will pay for itself many times over!

Glass Logo – After Effects Outro Template

Bring your brand’s logo to center stage with this beautifully crafted pair of intro and outro templates. A great example of a minimalistic professional design that manages to capture your attention in a subtle fashion. Placing your logo is simple, and tailoring the template to your personal production needs is no stress at all.

Particle Credits – After Effects Outro Template

Bringing the particle style together with the traditional credits’ design, this template provides you with an interesting After Effects outro option. Display all of your credits in a captivating style, with an easy line of text fading away as if made from sand in a strong wind.

Logo Reveals Services – After Effects Outro Template

This series of Logo Reveals Services outros and intros are a cute assortment of hand-drawn styled templates that are sure to impress. With a wide range of customization options at your fingertips and a range of different styles to choose from, you’ll have a perfect foundation of templates under your belt.

Classic Overlay Logo – After Effects Outro Template

There is a good reason why certain template styles become known as classics: They work. With this Classic Overlay Logo Outro, you can emulate the traditional outro style, whilst placing all of your social media and platform information in a neat and easy-to-read fashion. One of the best After Effects outro templates great for almost any production style!

Black Text Reveal – After Effects Outro Template

This Black Text Reveal template is an interesting one. It can be used as both an intro and outro and comes with a unique design that is hard to pass up. If you’re looking to craft a unique outro for your next video, then perhaps you should try out this template.

Youtube Endscreens – After Effects Outro Templates

Bring a touch of trendy style to the end of your YouTube videos with this collection of Youtube End screens that provides you with a sleek and modern take on the outro style, and comes equipped with all of the like, comment, and subscribe titles that you’ll need to input into YouTube content.

Fast & Rhythmic – After Effects Outro Template

For those that are looking for a more minimal outro style, perhaps even only as much as showing a logo, then the Fast and Rhythmic template is what you’re looking for. A simple, yet effective, outro logo reveal that will cap off your videos in style!

Simple Film Credits – After Effects Outro Template

Sometimes you just want something simple, and that’s where this After Effects outro collection comes in. The package provides you with easy-to-use, simple, and effective, film credits that are expertly designed.

Social Follow – After Effects Outro Template

Check out this trendy and stylish outro template that will help guide your audience to your social media accounts. The template comes in an attention-grabbing design, and surely deserves a place in your After Effects outro toolkit.

Cinematic After Effects Outro Template

Emulate the iconic Hollywood cinematic style with this pair of intro and outro templates. Each template has been designed to fashion itself after the mid-20th century Hollywood style and provides a wide range of customization options to make it your own. Inputting your own footage, and editing the footage aesthetic, is as easy as a few clicks of a button.

Free After Effects Outro Templates

You don’t have to spend any money to get your hands on some great outros. Let’s take a look at some free After Effects outro templates that are something special.

Speech Bubble – Free After Effects Outro Template

This Speech Bubble outro template is a unique way to cap off your video projects. With a quirky and fun nature to it, this template is sure to impress. A great option for light-hearted and playful content.

Clean Sub Button & Bell

This template provides you with a versatile outro design that doesn’t add too much flair to your production. It comes with a dynamically- animated notification bell with a fly-away outro. Get your hands on it now!

Jumpy Logo – After Effects Outro Template

Knock your audience’s socks off with this dazzling logo reveal outro template that can be completely customized to your heart’s content. The best part is that it’s absolutely free for download, and up for grabs!

Red Typography – Free After Effects Outro Template

The Red Typography Template offers an incredibly simple outro style, but sometimes that’s all you need. It provides a minimalistic take on plugging your social media and other platform channels.

Free After Effects Outro Template

After Effects Outro Template

This outro template for After Effects focus on a more minimalistic visual design, and use simple, yet effective, transition style that keeps the stylization on the low-end. Check it out now.

Create The Perfect Outro With These Templates Today!

Finding the perfect outro style doesn’t have to be a pain anymore. With this selection of unique After Effects outro templates, you have everything you need to create the perfect outro in mere minutes!