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8 Best Plugins to Create WordPress Custom Login Pages & Forms

When it comes to creating custom login and registration pages and forms, WordPress has many limitations. And lacks some of the most important parts required of modern login and signup pages. Like a good design and the ability to login using social accounts.

Thankfully, you can overcome this obstacle with the help of third-party plugins. With the help of a WordPress login page plugin, you can replace your old login page or create unique custom registration forms with a much better-looking and more effective login page.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to setup a custom WordPress login page with a few suggestions for the best login page plugins you can use to get the job done.

Why Create Custom WordPress Login Page?

We can list a whole bunch of reasons as to why a custom login page is necessary for a WordPress website. But mainly, it’s because of the added security and data collection. Like adding Google reCaptcha to keep bots at bay, limiting login attempts to prevent brute force attacks, and collecting more user data from registration forms.

Also, if you have a business website with a membership area like a WooCommerce store, coaching website, or even an online school program, you might want to customize the default login and registration page to reflect your branding. It’s an important part of offering a professional user experience. And building a reputation.

With the help of a login page plugin, you can design a beautiful custom login page that makes your site look professional, gather useful data, and protect it from bots and hackers at the same time.

How to Create WordPress Custom Login Page?

To design a custom login page, you’ll need to use a plugin. For example, the User Registration WordPress plugin has a built-in drag and drop editor for designing custom login forms. It’s extremely easy to use.

create login form 1

Once you design a login or registration page, you can embed the login form anywhere on your website, including pages and posts using a shortcode. Or as a widget on the sidebar.

create login form 2

This will allow you to create custom pages on your website for login and registrations.

Best WordPress Login Page Plugins

The followings are some of the best plugins you can use to design a better WordPress login page.

1. User Registration

user registration

  • Price: Free

User Registration plugin by WPEverest is one of the most popular plugins used to create not just signup forms but also login forms. One of the best features of this plugin is its beginner-friendly drag and drop registration form builder. It allows you to easily create advanced registration forms with custom fields with ease.

It also features advanced features like Google reCaptcha and autologin options. One downside to using the plugin is that the free version doesn’t allow you to customize the form designs. You’ll have to opt-in for the $69 per year plan to access those features.

Main Features

user registration 2

  • Easily build custom login and registration forms using drag and drop builder
  • Add custom fields to your form to collect more data
  • Create unlimited login forms
  • Add Google reCaptcha to keep bots at bay
  • Add email confirmation for registrations
  • Export collected user data in CSV
  • Style customizer, content block, PayPal, WooComerce integration available in Premium version

2. WP Admin White Label Login

wp white label login

  • Price: $18

White Label Login is a premium plugin made for customizing the design of your website’s default login form. If you have a website managed by multiple users or have an exclusive membership community, this plugin will help you craft a stylish login form with custom branding.

The plugin includes many useful features to make your login page more effective. Like pre-made templates and the ability to add social login options as well.

Main Features

wp admin white label 2

  • Easily customize the default login form without coding
  • Choose from 25 different pre-made login form templates
  • Supports image and video backgrounds
  • Add Facebook and Twitter login options
  • Integrate Google reCaptcha
  • Change fonts, colors, and add custom CSS to your preference

3. LoginPress


  • Price: Free

With more than 100,000 active installs, LoginPress is one of the most popular and highly rated login page plugins available on WordPress. It allows you to fully customize your default login form with a more modern design.

While the free version of the plugin gives you plenty of options to create a unique custom login page, you’ll need to get the premium version for $79 per year to get add-ons for features like social login systems and limit login attempts.

Main Features

loginpress 2

  • Easily setup and design custom login page
  • Add custom logo, background image, and adjust the size of the login form
  • Edit the colors and design of the buttons
  • Add custom error and welcome messages
  • Pre-made templates, social login, Google reCaptcha, autologin, and more available with the premium version

4. Hero Login Styler

hero login styler

  • Price: $19

Hero Login Styler is another high-quality plugin designed to customize your default login screen. Unlike other free plugins that makes you buy subscriptions to access more features, this plugin includes all the best features for a single one-off price.

The plugin is very beginner-friendly and has simple functionality. You can use it to customize the branding of the login page with your logo, a unique background, and even edit the design of the login form.

Main Features

hero login styler 2

  • Easily customize the login page with your branding
  • Add a custom logo and a background of your choice
  • Edit the color, font, opacity, and padding of the login form
  • Integrate Google Fonts and customize the buttons to your preference

5. Saraggna


  • Price: $19

Saraggna is a unique login form plugin made specifically for eCommerce websites that use WooCommerce. This plugin lets you setup pop-up login forms that will allow you to get rid of dedicated login pages for good.

The plugin can be used to create both login and registration forms. It includes multiple form templates that are customizable and very mobile-friendly.

Main Features

saraggna 2

  • Choose from more than 30 pre-made login form templates
  • Ajax-powered and customizable login and signup forms
  • Embed the form anywhere using shortcodes
  • Customize the form design and background to your choice
  • Includes Google reCaptcha and multilingual support

6. Login Designer

login designer

  • Price: Free

Login Designer is another simple WordPress custom login page plugin that lets you easily customize the login page to your preference. This plugin is completely free to use.

A specialty of this plugin is that it’s made with developers and web designers in mind. The plugin is open-sourced, which means you can use it to design unique and custom login pages for your client websites and your own projects.

Main Features

login designer 2

  • Easily customize the login page with a custom background
  • Edit the login form design with custom colors and buttons
  • Choose from multiple login page styles
  • Developer-friendly adaptable plugin structure

7. Birds Custom Login

birds custom login

  • Price: Free

Birds Custom Login is another simple and free plugin you can use to replace the default login screen with a more professional page. It allows you to easily customize the login form and branding to match your website.

The plugin offers several different ways to customize the login page design with different styling options. It also comes bundled with French, Portuguese, and Swedish translations.

Main Features

birds of custom login 2

  • Design a custom login page with a responsive layout
  • Change colors, backgrounds, and add a custom logo
  • Ability to show or hide lost password links
  • Easily customize with a live preview of the design

8. YITH Custom Login

yith custom login

  • Price: Free

YITH Custom Login plugin is a very basic plugin that offers just a few options for customizing the login page of your website. However, it’s lightweight design will help reduce the load on your website servers.

The plugin lets you change the design of your default login screen with custom fonts and colors.

Main Features

yith custom login 2

  • Easily customize the login screen without code
  • Change colors and fonts of the login page
  • Add a custom logo and background
  • Lightweight and beginner-friendly setup process

Which WordPress Login Page Plugin is Best?

The free and customizable User Registration plugin is arguably the best option for setting up a custom login page in WordPress. The ability to craft your own custom page with multiple fields makes it one of the most advanced plugins you can use to design unique registration and login forms.

However, to access its best features like the style customizer, you’ll need to buy the pro version. In that case, we’d recommend the WP Admin White Label Login plugin for professionals. As it costs a one-time price to access all the premium features and all future updates.

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