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15+ Best Reddit-Style WordPress Themes

Are you planning on making a viral blog or magazine? Then these Reddit inspired WordPress themes will help you create a more engaging website.

Viral blogs aren’t easy to build. But, with the right theme and content, you can make it a successful business that could someday turn into a massive payday. Just a couple of years ago, the viral Reddit-style blog Viral Nova got acquired by a media company in a surprising $100 million deal. The website was actually built with WordPress using a simple magazine theme.

The key aspects of a viral blog are setting up a community around your blog. To do this, you’ll need a membership system where users can signup to vote for content and even upload their own content to your blog, similar to what BuzzFeed does.

Your viral blog should also be more engaging with the users. You can achieve this by providing more interactive options, like upvoting and reactions systems for rating your posts.

Finding a WordPress theme that covers all these areas isn’t easy because there’s only a handful of them are available. For this post, we rounded up the best Reddit-like WordPress themes you can use to setup a viral blog. Grab a theme and start building your website today. Your viral blog could land the next $100 million deal!