Custom CSS

Easily add your own custom CSS to any WordPress theme or website.

Custom CSS

Easily Add Custom CSS

This plugin enables a custom CSS manager on your administration page, for adding your own CSS code to your WordPress website.

It will automatically override any theme or plugin default styles. It also very useful if you want to add customization to your website but do not want to edit your theme or plugin CSS files.

How to Use It

It comes with two ways to add the custom CSS code:

  1. Go to Appearance → Custom CSS, and enter your CSS into the space provided.
  2. To see a Live Preview while you add your CSS, go to Appearance → Customize, and open the Custom CSS tab.

There's no configuration needed, it works well with live preview, and it's super easy to uninstall if you decide not to use it in the future.

Plugin Details

Release Date Apr 20, 2014
Updated Feb 26, 2016
Version 0.1.6
Requirement WordPress 4.3+
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