20+ Best Parallax WordPress Themes 2020

The parallax effect is one of the most effective strategies used in website design to grab the attention of the visitors. With our collection of the best parallax WordPress themes, you too can build a website featuring the same effect.

The parallax scrolling effect is one of the best inventions in the modern web design industry. It allows you to give life to those boring static background images and image sliders to make your whole website come alive.

Adding this effect in HTML websites is quite easy, however, it takes some hands-on work to add a parallax effect in WordPress. And it’s much easier to use a pre-made WordPress theme that comes with the parallax effect built into the design.

We handpicked a collection of WordPress themes that feature the parallax scrolling effect. You’ll find many different styles of parallax effects in these themes including parallax slider themes and more. Have a look.

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