20+ Best Elementor Template Kits 2021

Gone are the days of using static WordPress themes with limited customization. The future of WordPress themes is template kits.

Usually, when you buy and install a WordPress theme, you get to customize the design to a certain extent. You can change the colors, upload a logo, change fonts, but that was pretty much it. Template kits aim to change this for the better.

Template kits are a revolutionary way of building WordPress websites. And, in this collection, we feature some of the best Elementor template kits to show you the many possibilities of this new invention.

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What are Template Kits?

If you’re familiar with the Elementor page builder for WordPress then you’re aware of how easy it is to build unique page designs using its drag and drop editor. Template kits take that process to the next level by allowing you to build entire website designs.

Template kits are collections of templates made with the Elementor page builder. Template kits come with multiple page templates made with content blocks. You can easily edit these templates using Elementor to rearrange these content blocks to customize the design. Or even mix and match content blocks to create your own unique designs.

Template kits are a great way of creating unique WordPress websites. For businesses, blogs, eCommerce sites, startups, and everyone else. Of course, freelancers and web designers will certainly find the best use out of template kits to repurpose them to design websites for clients.

Have a look at the template kits below for inspiration.

DMA – Digital Marketing Agency Template Kit

DMA - Digital Marketing Agency Template Kit

If you’re building a WordPress website for a digital marketing agency or a brand, this template kit will help you make a more attractive website. It will give you plenty of options and flexibility to customize the site design. And build unique homepage designs by rearranging the content blocks.

The template kit comes with a complete homepage layout and many inner-page templates that you can edit using the Elementor page builder.

Serving – Template Kit for Service & Business Websites

Serving - Service & Business Template Kit

Serving is a template kit made for building websites for service-based businesses and companies. This kit is also built using Elementor and offers you the full freedom to build your website the way you want.

The template kit includes 10 pre-made page templates and more than 45 different content blocks. All of the templates are fully responsive and mobile-friendly as well.

SoftUp – Saas & Startup Elementor Template Kit

SoftUp - Saas & Startup Elementor Template Kit

Having a design that stands out from the crowd is an important part of making a startup website. This template kit will help you accomplish that task. It includes all the elements for building a unique website.

The template kit comes with 10 unique page templates covering homepage designs and inner-page templates. All of which you can customize to your preference using Elementor.

FLO – Creative Portfolio & Resume Template Kit

FLO - Creative Portfolio & Resume Template Kit

Flo is a modern WordPress template kit made for building personal and portfolio websites. If you’re a creative professional looking to showcase your work or setting up a resume website, this template kit has everything you need to make beautiful websites.

It includes 10 pre-made page templates, including 2 homepage layouts and a blog layout that can be customized with Elementor.

Courso – Online Courses & University Template Kit

Courso - Online Courses & University Template Kit

Just as the name suggests, this template kit is made specifically for online universities and academies that sell courses online. The template kit provides multiple page templates for building an effective online learning platform. And it comes with 4 different customizable homepage layouts.

This kit is perfect for making websites for schools and membership websites as well.

Hando – Elementor Template Kit for Corporate Portfolios

Hando - Corporate & Portfolio Elementor Template Kit

Hando is a template kit that comes with a professional design that makes it most suitable for building websites for corporate companies and agencies. The template kit comes with a stylish blog layout and a portfolio design as well.

The bundle includes more than 12 pre-made templates that consist of customizable headers, footers, portfolio grids, 404 pages, parallax backgrounds, and lots of animated elements.

Careerster – Elementor Template Kit for CV & Resumes

Careerster - CV & Resume Elementor Template Kit

Careerster is another Elementor template kit developed for making personal CV and resume websites. It’s the ideal solution for quickly setting up a portfolio or resume website to showcase your skills and work experience.

The template kit includes 4 different homepage layouts, which you can easily customize using the drag and drop editor. It also comes with 6 inner-page templates as well.

KickStart – Creative Business Elementor Template Kit

KickStart - Creative Business Elementor Template Kit

KickStart is a collection of Elementor templates you can use to build websites for all kinds of startups and modern businesses. This template kit includes fully-responsive layout designs that are optimized for speedy performance.

The template kit lets you easily customize and build websites using its 5 pre-made templates and more than 20 unique content blocks.

Knox – Technology & Apps Website Template Kit

Knox - Technology & Apps Template Kit

This template kit is perfect for building landing pages and websites for apps and SaaS businesses. It’s a collection of templates that gives you plenty of options for building various styles of app websites.

The kit includes 6 different homepage templates. You can use the content blocks on these templates to mix and create unique websites of your own.

Takei – News & Magazine Blog Template Kit

Takei - News & Magazine Template Kit

Planning on setting up a news or magazine website? Then grab this template kit to build a blog that matches your brand and personality. The template kit lets you choose from 4 different homepage layouts and multiple archives and single post page designs.

All of the templates feature beautifully modern and minimal designs and they can be easily customized with Elementor.

Shoppix – Luxury & Jewellery Shop Template Kit

Shoppix - Luxury & Jewellery Shop Elementor Template Kit

An elegant design is a key aspect of a luxury website. This template kit comes with more elegant designs that surpass expectations. The template kit comes with a total of 20 different templates, including 2 homepage layouts, 2 product page templates, pop-up templates, 404 pages, and much more.

This kit is also compatible with WooCommerce and allows you to fully customize the designs of product pages and shop layouts as well.

Dinery – Elementor Template Kit for Restaurants

Dinery - Restaurant Elementor Template Kit

Dinery is a creative Elementor template kit you can use to make websites for restaurants. The template kit features a modern homepage design where you can easily customize the content blocks to build a unique website.

It also includes 11 page templates with global theme styles as well as customizable header, footer, and reservations sections.

LMES – Elementor Template Kit for Education Websites

LMES - Education Websites Elementor Template Kit

LMES is another template kit you can use to build websites for schools and online learning sites. This kit provides you a set of flexible templates for setting up custom websites with unique designs for showcasing the course pages, teachers, and the school.

The template kit includes 5 pre-made page templates and 20 unique content blocks for creating your own page designs.

Indev – Elementor Template Kit for Portfolios

Indev - Portfolio Elementor Template Kit

This is a WordPress portfolio website template kit made for web and app developers. The templates in this kit are designed to fit in well with various developers for creating a portfolio to showcase their work.

The template kit includes 10 unique layouts powered by Elementor Pro. You’ll be able to easily customize each template to your preference.

Coffesse – Elementor Template Kit for Coffee Shops

Coffesse - Coffee Shop Elementor Template Kit

Whether you’re making a website for a coffee shop or setting up a shop for a coffee product brand, this template kit will have you covered. It features a modern and clean design with plenty of space to add large images to show off the delicious coffee products.

The template kit features 3 unique and fully customizable page layouts along with a store page, editable headers, and much more.

Esportize – eSports Elementor Template Kit

Esportize - eSports Elementor Template Kit

With this unique Elementor template kit, you can setup a creative website to promote eSports teams and events. It includes 10 modern page templates with easily customizable layouts.

The template kit also comes with editable header and footer templates and lots of  content blocks to build custom designs.

Startery – Business & Startup Elementor Template Kit

Startery - Business & Startup Elementor Template Kit

Startery is a stylish template kit that has two purposes. You can use it to build business websites or make SaaS and startup websites. The template kit is perfect for building websites for modern agencies and corporate companies as well.

This template kit includes 10 different page templates, including a customizable homepage and a pricing page.

Erup – Template Kit for Business Websites

Erup - Business Website Template Kit

Another modern template kit for building business websites. This kit is quite different from others. It comes with 4 diffrent pre-made homepage designs. You can also customize them using the content blocks to create your own homepages.

The template kit includes a total of 15 page templates, including 2 blog post layouts and 2 portfolio page layouts.

CrossGym – Gym & Fitness Elementor Template Kit

CrossGym - Gym & Fitness Elementor Template Kit

You can build multiple websites for gyms and fitness centers using this customizable Elementor template kit. It includes 10 different page layouts for your to edit and use to create personalized websites.

The templates in this kit features very modern and dark color themes. It’ll definitely help your designs to stand out from the crowd.

Poro – Photography Website Template Kit

Poro - Photography Website Template Kit

Design beautiful websites for photographers and photography studios using this stylish Elementor template kit. It includes modern homepage designs that allows you to showcase your work using large images.

The template kit comes with 3 unique pre-made homepages, each designed with its own style. It also includes many other customizable page layouts as well.

The Restaurant – Elementor Template Kit

The Restaurant - Elementor Template Kit

This template kit is designed specifically for building websites for restaurants and cafes. It comes with 2 different pre-made homepage layouts featuring modern and elegant designs. Of course, you can easily customize both layouts to your preference as well.

The template kit also includes several inner-page templates and more than 16 unique content blocks.

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