5 Best WordPress Accessibility Plugins

Accessibility is an important part of building an effective website. Not just to avoid the lawsuits, but also to make the web more inclusive and accessible to disabled people.

This is especially more important for WordPress users since the CMS is being used by more than 38% of the websites on the Internet. In fact, Automattic, the developers behind WordPress software takes accessibility more seriously than anyone. They even have a team dedicated to look after accessibility for the software.

Even though the WordPress software itself is optimized for accessibility, that doesn’t make your website design accessible as well. You’re in charge of that process. But don’t worry, making a website accessible and compliant with the law is not that difficult.

Thanks to WordPress plugins, you can now easily integrate an accessibility solution with your website to help disabled people use your website just as comfortably as anyone else. In this post, we share a few of the best plugins you can use to make it possible.

How To Make Your Website Accessible

To make a website accessible, you need to follow the rules set by WCAG. There are a lot of boxes to check. It’s mainly divided into 4 sections:

  • Perceivable: Visuals, content, and user interface components of the website
  • Operable: Navigation and functionality of the website layout
  • Understandable: Readability and easier to understand content design
  • Robust: Compatibility with assistive technologies and devices

These sections cover dozens of guidelines that you need to follow to make a website compliant with ADA.

Thankfully, with the help of the right WordPress plugin, you can make the necessary adjustments on your own.

1. accessiBe


  • Best Feature: Fully automated accessibility solution

accessiBe is one of the most convenient accessibility solutions available today. It uses AI technology to scan and analyze your website for accessibility issues and fixes them automatically according to the user’s preference.

You can integrate accessiBe with your website by copy-pasting a single line of code. Then it adds an accessibility panel to your website where users can adjust your website according to their needs.

Benefits of Using accessiBe

accessibe panel

  • Scans your website 24/7 to ensure all your content is compliant with WCAG
  • Uses advanced AI and machine learning to make accurate adjustments
  • Optimizes your website for accessibility in multiple levels
  • Provides WCAG & ADA compliance with accessibility statement and certification
  • Complete compliance audits of your website every month delivered to your inbox


accessiBe pricing plans start at $49 per month or $490 per year for websites with 1,000 unique pages. Compared to other accessibility solutions and agencies, this is a very affordable price for getting complete accessibility compliance for your website.

2. One Click Accessibility

One Click Accessibility

  • Best Feature: Adds an easy to use accessibility toolbar

One Click Accessibility is the only solution that comes close to having somewhat similar features to accessiBe, all bundled in a free plugin. This plugin is very easy to use and it also adds a toolbar to your website for adjusting some components for basic accessibility needs.

Even though it doesn’t fully cover all areas of the design to make a website fully compliant with accessibility guidelines, it’s enough to make your website accessible to a person with a vision disability.

Benefits of Using One Click Accessibility

One Click Accessibility 2

  • Lets users adjust website design according to their needs
  • Multiple ways to optimize content, adjust the font size, and more
  • Adjust the visual design of your website with negative contrast and grayscale designs
  • Free to use with unlimited websites


One Click Accessibility is a completely free plugin. You can use all of its features on as many websites as you want.

3. Accessibility WordPress Plugin

Accessibility WordPress Plugin

  • Best Feature: Includes text-to-speech engine

This is a premium WordPress plugin you can use to add a few basic accessibility features to your website.

It doesn’t feature many options for adjusting your website design for accessibility. However, it comes with a very easy to use text to speech engine that also includes multilingual support.

Benefits of Using Accessibility WordPress Plugin

Accessibility WordPress Plugin 2

  • Adds a simple accessibility panel with multiple adjustment options
  • Text to speech engine with support for multiple languages
  • Ability to control text size and color
  • Ability to add a screen mask and adjust contrast


Accessibility WordPress Plugin costs a one-time price of $26. You get all future updates for the plugin for free.

4. WP Accessibility Helper

WP Accessibility Helper

  • Best Feature: Fixes basic accessibility issues

WP Accessibility Helper is another useful accessibility WordPress plugin you can use to adjust and optimize your website for better accessibility.

The plugin provides several different ways to adjust different components of your website for accessibility. Including navigation, contrast, light and dark modes, and more. Even though it doesn’t have a user interface as smooth as the other plugins on our list, it does its job perfectly.

Benefits of Using WP Accessibility Helper

WP Accessibility Helper 2

  • Makes accessibility adjustments in multiple levels
  • Optimizes image alt-tags, links, navigation, font size, navigation, and more
  • Includes light and dark theme controls
  • Ability to remove CSS animations


The free version of the WP Accessibility Helper comes with lots of useful features. The pro version, however, offers more advanced features for $80.

5. WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility

  • Best Feature: Fixes accessibility issues from backend

WP Accessibility is a simple plugin that helps you adjust your website for accessibility. However, it’s not intended to make your site compliant with accessibility laws.

Once installed, the plugin gives you a set of options to enable or disable specific options on your website to make the design more accessible. Unlike other plugins on the list, this one is configured from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Benefits of Using WP Accessibility

WP Accessibility 2

  • Simple settings panel lets you adjust your website for accessibility
  • Optimizes visuals with alt-tags and descriptions for screen reading software
  • Adds labels to form fields
  • Adds an outline to the keyboard for easier navigation


WP Accessibility is also completely free.

Which Accessibility Plugin is Best?

When it comes to making your website ADA and WCAG compliant, none of the plugins do a better job than accessiBe.

Since it’s fully automated and provides 24/7 monitoring, you’ll never have to worry about optimizing your content for accessibility ever again.

accessiBe is also the only plugin that provides an accessibility statement and certificate. Which will help you avoid lawsuits.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right theme with a more accessible design is just as important as using these plugins. If you’re using an outdated theme or a design with excessive animations and effects, the plugins won’t help you get anywhere.

Make sure to use effective themes with clean code that gets regularly updated for the best results.