50+ Best Mega Menu WordPress Themes 2024

This collection of the best mega menu WordPress themes will help you create a range of websites that all make the most of the drop-down navigation areas of your site.

Using mega menus on your website can help upgrade your navigation areas from simple lists of links to content-rich displays that encourage your visitors to explore even more areas of your website. We’ve previously written about what a mega menu is, and shared lots of fantastic mega menu tips.

The best mega menu WordPress themes make it easy to set up these drop-down menus and then populate them with a range of content. You can easily format the menu content to stand out and catch the attention of your visitors, helping them to find what they’re looking for.

Adding images and creating advanced layouts for the drop-down menu areas is all part of the functionality you can expect from the best WordPress themes of this type. However, that’s not all these themes have to offer. Many of the options here include multiple website demos, covering a range of styles. The designs can be imported into your website in just a few clicks, helping you launch your project without much effort or fuss.

From e-commerce stores and magazine and news sites to online portfolios and even a farm website, there are plenty of different options to choose from in this collection of the best WordPress mega menu themes.

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What Is A Mega-Menu?

For many years, website navigation used to look and function the same. In every website, there’s usually bar-like navigation section in the header section with text links that redirect users to the main pages or categories of the website. We called this the “website menu”.

This worked well for most small websites. But, once we started seeing massive marketplaces with dozens of product categories and online magazines with lots of subcategories, the old menu design failed to provide value.


This is when the Mega-Menu was introduced. A mega menu often looks the same as the classic navigational menu, but mega-menus lets you include more items, categories, and links with its drop-down and expanding design.

The main purpose of a navigation menu is to help users easily discover and explore a website. Mega-menus makes that process much better by giving users a more in-depth look at website content in one place.

Why Use Mega-Menus?

Mega-menus are widely used by online retail and eCommerce websites to help users find and explore products related to different categories more easily.

The concept was popularized by sites such as Amazon and eBay with its innovative mega-menus that showed not only categories and subcategories but also showed images of products directly inside the mega-menu. As you can imagine, this type of attractive menu can help improve conversions and sales.

However, mega-menus aren’t limited to eCommerce websites. Today, even blogs and magazine websites use mega-menus to showcase different categories related to the website. This helps users easily find what they’re looking for without having to search for terms or exploring the website for hours.

Tips For Using Mega-Menus In WordPress

There are many WordPress plugins, such as WP Mega Menu Pro, that allows you to install a mega-menu on an existing WordPress website. However, the best way to ensure a seamless experience is to use a theme that comes with a built-in mega-menu.

Here are a few ways you can use a mega-menu theme to your advantage.

1. Add Image Thumbnails To Increase Click-Through

Even if you have a small blog with a handful of categories, you can use a mega-menu to give more attention to each category by showcasing the recent blog posts with image thumbnails.


This will not only improve the visual appeal of your website but also increase click-through rates and reduce bounce rates as well.

2. Use Vertical Mega-Menus

Of course, one of the best uses of mega-menus is to showcase product categories in online retail websites. A vertical mega-menu is an effective way to get that job done.


With a verticle mega-menu, users will be able to easily explore categories and subcategories to find specific products while filtering them by brands.

3. Promote Offers & Sales

You can also use a mega-menu to promote your special offers such as seasonal sales and discounts to increase customers as well as upselling.


4. Improve Interactions With Fullscreen Mega-Menus

Many modern websites now utilize fullscreen mega-menus. These menus open in fullscreen modal windows, allowing users to navigate and discover the website without distraction. This can also help improve user interactions as well, especially on mobile devices.