Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugins: 7 Great Options

Coming soon pages play an important role in building up hype towards a successful website launch. You can promote a website before launch and build an early audience. Today we’re looking at the best coming soon WordPress plugins!

Of course, there are several other benefits to setting up a coming soon page, especially if your upcoming website is built on WordPress. Thanks to the power of WordPress, you can use your coming soon page to start building a social following, collect emails and get a head start on website SEO. All this can be done with a simple plugin.

However, randomly picking out a coming soon plugin and setting up a boring landing page won’t help you achieve any of those goals. Which is why you need to be very careful to pick a great coming soon plugin for your website that allows you to make the most of your website launch.

Features To Look For:

Some of the basic features you should look for in a coming soon WordPress plugin are:

  • A countdown timer.
  • Responsive design.
  • Ability to integrate an email form.
  • Easy to install and implement on your website.
  • A contact page.
  • A clean and an attractive design.
  • Social follow icons.

If you don’t have the time to browse the web to look for the perfect coming soon page, have a look at these options — some of the best coming soon WordPress plugins that we handpicked just for you.

Triada — Coming Soon WP Plugin

best coming soon wordpress plugins

Traida is a WordPress plugin that comes with all the great features you expect to see on a coming soon page. It has a minimalist design featuring a modern countdown timer for counting down the days towards your website launch and even includes an about page and a contact form.

The plugin can be easily integrated with MailChimp for building your email list and includes space for featuring links to your social media channels as well.

Triada plugin can be customized with 6 different background styles, including Image Background, Slideshow Background, HTML5 Video Background, YouTube Background, Gradient Background, and Color Background.

Simple — Coming Soon WP Plugin

simple coming soon wordpress plugin

Just as the name describes, this plugin features a simple, yet an elegant, coming soon page design that simply gets the job done. It has a clearly visible email form to let your visitors subscribe to your email list, allows you to create two content pages for About and Contact pages, and includes a countdown timer with a stylish loading bar.

It’s available in 6 different styles, including a slideshow background version, gradient background, video background, and an under construction page that you can use when making changes to your website. The design is fully responsive and features a number of beautiful CSS3 animations.

KeepCalm — Coming Soon WP Plugin

keepcalm coming soon wordpress plugin

This coming soon plugin gives more attention to the countdown timer and features an email subscribe form with links to social media channels. On top of the page, there’s a collapsible window containing an about page and a contact form.

KeepCalm coming soon page has a clean design that’s perfect for a creative design agency or a startup website. The plugin also comes in 6 different background styles, including both YouTube video and HTML5 video backgrounds, and an under construction page.

Uno – Coming Soon WP Plugin

uno coming soon wordpress plugin

Uno is a beautiful coming soon page featuring a modern design that’s perfect for a web design agency or an app website. This coming soon page features multiple content pages, including a separate page for showcasing an app, your portfolio, and a contact page.

The plugin has 5 different pre-made themes and an under construction page. Uno also has fully functional contact, subscribe forms and supports MailChimp and Google Maps integration.

The coming soon page themes in this plugin have all been coded with Sass. Which means you can easily customize the designs however you want, if you have some experience in CSS and web design.

E.T. — Coming Soon WP Plugin

et wordpress plugin

This aptly-named coming soon plugin features a design that looks out of this world, which also reminds us of the popular Steven Spielberg movie of the same name. It’s the perfect coming soon page for a fun and an entertainment related website.

The attractive countdown timer is probably the best part of this coming soon page. The odd and blinding animation effect of the timer will quickly grab anyone’s attention.

E.T. also comes in 6 different background styles and with sections for featuring an email subscribe button, a portfolio, and a contact form. All the sections are combined into a single page, which you can view by scrolling down.

The plugin is compatible with MailChimp and Google Maps integration as well.

Medusa — Coming Soon WP Plugin

medusa plugin

This plugin has a unique and a colorful coming soon page design that highlights its large countdown timer to bring more attention to your website’s launch date. It also features an animated header and a “Notify” button that opens a modal window for collecting email subscribers.

Behind the hamburger menu, you’ll see an about page, a contact form, and social media buttons.

Medusa plugin’s key features include its 6 premade background styles,  CSS3 animation, MailChimp and Google Maps integration, and the retina ready design.

Impala – Coming Soon WP Plugin

impala coming soon wordpress plugin

Impala coming soon page features a minimalist design. Even its countdown timer is hidden under a set of animated icons, which you can reveal by hovering your mouse over them. There’s also an email subscribe button that allows the visitors to join the website launch waiting list.

On the left-hand side of the page of this coming soon page, you’ll see an icon that opens a slide-in modal window with an about page and on the right side of the page there’s an icon that opens up the contact form with Google Maps integration.

Impala plugin has 6 different background styles and features a retina-ready responsive design with stylish CSS3 animations. It can also be integrated with MailChimp.

WordPress makes it really easy for you to setup a coming soon page with multiple useful functions. So, be sure to take advantage of all the features in our roundup of the best coming soon WordPress plugins. Because rest assured, you won’t see any of those great features on other cheap free plugins you can find online.