Introducing Theme Junkie 2.0

We’re glad to announce that we (Theme Junkie) just switched to a new design:

Theme Junkie V2

Theme Junkie V2

Checkout the newly designed pages: HomepageTheme ListingsBlogSingle Theme PageSupport Forum

We started in 2009 and have been using a black & out-date theme in the past 3 years. Now we feel that it’s time to change, time to move on πŸ™‚

To celebrate the new launch, we have a 50% OFF coupon code for you which you can use to purchase new themes, renew or extend your club membership.

Coupon code: NEW

(Valid until May 20, 2012)

Thanks for everyone’s support in these years, and as always, please let us know if you have any feedbacks πŸ™‚

Comments & Discussion


  1. keysha says:

    i’m member of Junkie…
    congrat for new design… and i hope new design.. new spirit and more productive….

    member with take year member need productive theme…
    may be every 2 or 3 month can create new theme.. hehehe


    1. Roy says:

      We’re trying yo release at least one new theme per month πŸ™‚

  2. really a change was needed !!

    the theme is really superb !!

    all the very best to Roy and his team πŸ™‚

    1. Roy says:

      Thanks! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hasrul Wayne says:

    I love Theme Junkie design! The best part is support, superb! Congrats with new design. Bring us more quality themes, sure i will subscribe for a year more soon…

  4. RΓΌdy says:

    Great Job!
    Now, I am looking forward to new styles from TJ! πŸ˜‰

    1. Roy says:

      We’re working on some *great* themes which you will see in the coming months.

  5. Bharath says:

    What is the next new theme from Theme-Junkie? Is it a Magazine or Something else? Within how many days can we expect it πŸ™‚

    1. Roy says:

      New theme might be ready in 2 -3 weeks πŸ™‚

      1. Bharath says:

        I’ll be waiting for it πŸ™‚

  6. Raj says:

    The new design is looking good and fabulous.. nice work Roy…

    1. Roy says:

      Thanks Raj. Don’t forget to take advantage of the coupon code. Limited time only.

      1. Bharath says:

        Roy, Will you announce any similar 50% Off Coupon after 2-3 months, (or) is this the final chance for us?

        1. Roy says:

          It depends πŸ™‚ Why not grab the big discount now?

  7. Themepremium says:

    Looks really great. Will this new looks be released as a theme?

    1. Roy says:

      May be we would release a similar one but not 100% exactly.

  8. R Krishana says:

    Very Nice design !!!

  9. Naren Dran says:

    dear admin,
    past 1week I don’t have Internet connection. so I can’t able to buy but now I’m intrested to buy with this offer can u give me this offer for me.

    1. Roy says:

      Hi, unfortunately, the coupon code has expired.

  10. New version of Theme Junkie 2.0 is really so fresh..
    and also all theme are so good.. waiting for more good themes.

  11. R Krishana says:

    Really very nice and attractive theme…

  12. WP Theme says:

    Nice design πŸ™‚ I think it will boost up your conversion rate for at least twice πŸ™‚

  13. josh says:

    After uploading Free Channel Theme to my cpanel… The look I get is different form what I saw on your Site demo.

    Kindly let me know what it will cost me for me too design that Channel or Newspaper look for Me.

    1. Roy says:


      The Channel theme is 100% working properly with WordPress 3.3.2.

      Please unzip the file and read the instructions before installing. (Yes, you need to upload the theme and plugin folders separately.)

      Unfortunately, we do not provide further support for our free themes, if you wish to get support from us, you may consider purchasing a premium theme from us:

      Also checkout our pricing details:

      You could use the coupon code 35OFF to get 35% off, limited time only.

  14. Coupon code: NEW (Valid until May 20, 2012)

    Hi Roy, I am newbie and missed the coupon timeline as this is my first visit on your website through google. Please let me know if this coupon timeline has been extended/ or can be extended. Thanks in advance

    1. Roy says:

      Unfortunately, the coupon “NEW” has expired.

  15. I have been using your theme FRESHLIFE since long now and its pretty good in regards to SEO and design but the only problem I have been facing is the ajax tabs which never works for me.

    1. Roy says:

      The Ajax Tabber should be working fine as the demo, please open a thread in the forum and our support stuff will help you out:

  16. The new Pricing table look very good. I can see a increase in the price of the 1 Year membership. Now a one year membership costs $69. My membership is going to expire in the last week of July, I think it’s costly now to stay with theme-junkie and renew my membership.

    In the one year membership of mine, 7 themes are released where i was promised 1 new theme every month. It didn’t happen and i can understand that it’s difficult to produce a new theme every month.

    In the 7 new themes released, every theme will not be useful to every blogger, I hardly found 1 theme which was useful to me in the 7 themes and that is resizable and even with this theme i faced very low adsense ctr, so even stopped using this theme. I only theme which i really use is Daily theme. It’s so simple, clean and gives me good CTR.

    I’ve bought the Daily theme before Club Membership is launched. I spent $30 for that and $50 for 1 Year membership, Literally i spent $80 for only one theme which i used. I think it’s too costly for small bloggers like me.

    I do agree that the themes produced by theme-junkie are beautiful, but every theme will not be useful to everyone. It has been 2 months since you released a new theme and now the membership costs have gone high. so i’ll definitely twice before i renew my membership because I feel I’m not getting good enough worth of my money. Unless i see some awesome looking themes with great features, I’ll think twice to renew my membership.

    1. Roy says:

      Hi, we think the new pricing is quite reasonable & affordable, we not only deliver beautiful & quality themes, but also provide incredible support and upgrades. You are right, the Club Membership is not suitable for everyone, if you only need some “useful” themes for personal usage, then “Single Packages” would be fit your needs. We’re currently working on some nice designs and the latest one should be ready in 10 – 14 days.

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