11+ Space & Galaxy Tumblr Themes

Today, we’re featuring a collection of space and galaxy Tumblr themes for creating blogs and websites for those of you who are fascinated by the outer space and celestial objects.

The universe is a truly a fascinating thing that often makes us think and realize how little we truly are in this tiny world. Outer space is also a place full of mysteries. It’s no wonder many scientists and geniuses like Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson believe that we might be living in a simulation because there’s still so much left to learn about our universe.

All this mystery and the beauty of space makes it a great theme for creating websites and websites that focuses on not just space-related topics, but also for personal journals, unique blogs, and creative portfolios.

Whether you’re planning on starting a Tumblr blog about astronomy or looking for a cool theme for your personal blog, we found a set of space Tumblr themes with stunning visuals and effects to make your website look much more attractive. Have a look.

Exposure – Photography & Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Exposure is a unique Tumblr theme that can be used to create a unique portfolio website, especially for photographers and artists. Even though it doesn’t have a complete space-inspired design, you can easily customize the theme with a space background and adjust its colors to give it an attractive and dark feel. The theme features a useful About profile section and it supports all popular social feed widgets.

PHU7UR3 – Responsive Space Tumblr Theme


PHU7UR is a dark space Tumblr theme that comes with a futuristic design and a retro feel. This theme features a stylish card-based post layout for showcasing your blog posts and images with large previews. It also comes with an animated background, Disqus comments, and more than 60 different options for customizing the design.

Rainbow – Gradient Galaxy Tumblr Theme


Rainbow is a colorful Tumblr theme that comes with a stylish design that’s ideal for making portfolio websites and blogs. With just a little bit of customization, you can easily turn this theme into a gorgeous galaxy-themed design. It includes a fullscreen image slider, a grid-based post layout, and a slide-out sidebar with support for widgets.

Orbit – Blog & Portfolio Space Tumblr Theme


Orbit is a space and galaxy Tumblr theme that comes with a fullscreen post layout. It features a minimalist design with a space-themed menu bar, a masonry grid post layout, a slide-out sidebar for including widgets, and infinite scrolling. This theme is perfect for setting up a creative portfolio website or even a blog.

Space Race – Space & Galaxy Tumblr Theme


Space Race is a beautiful space and galaxy Tumblr theme that features a modern and flat design color scheme. It also comes with a creative background filled with space illustrations and patterns that highlights the post content. The theme also has a fullscreen overlay menu for including links and a search function.

Dark Side – Space Galaxy Tumblr Theme


Dark Side is a Tumblr theme from a galaxy far far away. This theme features a geeky design inspired by Star Wars and it welcomes you to join the dark side. It features an animated background that makes you feel like you’re traveling in space. The theme also comes with unique post designs and social media links. This is perfect for creating a geeky personal blog on Tumblr.

Value – Portfolio Space Tumblr Theme


Value is a minimalist portfolio Tumblr theme that features a customizable fixed background, which you can change to a space background to instantly make the theme look out of this world. The theme has a header section with a call-to-action for including information about yourself and a portfolio section for showcasing your best work.

Milo – Personal Blog Space Tumblr Theme


Milo is a modern Tumblr theme featuring a dark color theme that makes it the perfect choice for making a blog with a space-themed design. The theme is fully-responsive, includes a customizable background, a stylish slide-out sidebar with transition animations, support for Google Fonts, and much more.

Pluto – Portfolio Space Tumblr Theme


Pluto is a portfolio Tumblr theme with a dark design. It features a header section for including a logo and a title for your website and comes with a grid-based post layout for presenting your portfolio items. The theme also supports all post types, infinite scrolling, integration with Google Analytics, Disqus comments, and much more.

Cosmic – Space Tumblr Theme


Cosmic is a space Tumblr theme with a fun and quirky design. It features a two-column layout with a fixed sidebar where you can showcase a logo and an introduction as well as links to pages and tags. You can also integrate Google Analytics and enable infinite scrolling for this theme as well.

Dawn Brown – Minimal Space Tumblr Theme


Dawn Brown is a basic Tumblr blogging theme that comes with a space-inspired design. It features a customizable image background and a sidebar for including a log, introduction, social feed widgets, and more. This theme is most suitable for setting up a simple personal blog or a journal.

Clarus – Transparent Space Tumblr Theme


Clarus is a unique Tumblr theme that comes with a transparent post design. This means your post content will seamlessly blend with its background. If you were to use a dark space background with a light color for the font, this theme will make your blog look absolutely phenomenal. It supports infinite scrolling and Disqus comments as well.

Tailormade – Dark Space Tumblr Theme


Tailormade is an adorable Tumblr theme that features a dark color scheme, making it much easier to customize its background to give it a space-themed design. The theme comes with a minimal post layout and a sidebar for including widgets. It’s ideal for setting up a personal blog.

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