20+ Pastel Tumblr Themes

If you’re a fan of warm and beautiful pastel colors, you’re going to love this Tumblr themes collection. We’re featuring some of the best pastel Tumblr themes you can use to make gorgeous Tumblr blogs and websites, all with a subtle color scheme.

Pastel colors are widely used in many different types of website designs. From food blogs to beauty blogs, fashion websites to children’s websites, they can look stunning when using a pastel colored design.

This collection of free and premium pastel Tumblr themes include designs inspired by pastel color schemes that you can use to build all kinds of Tumblr websites and blogs. Keep in mind that you can also customize these themes to change colors however you like. Start browsing the themes and pick your favorite.

Fashion Chic – Pastel Tumblr Theme


Fashion Chic is a beautiful and feminine blogging theme for Tumblr that you can use to make an attractive beauty or fashion blog. The theme comes with lots of customization options, a featured posts section on the homepage, unique designs for posts, tag menus, Instagram widgets, and much more.

Silver – Fashion Blog Tumblr Theme


Silver is another pastel Tumblr theme that you can use to make a fashion blog or a personal blog. The theme features an elegant post layout with a sidebar that allows you to show an author profile, add social feeds, feature followers, and more. It also has a post slider on the homepage with a featured section.

Calm – Simple Tumblr Blog Theme


Minimalism is the key concept of this gorgeous theme. This Tumblr theme comes with plenty of white space and a mix of pastel color. The theme includes an overlay menu for creating categories with post tags and you can customize its colors, fonts, and much more as well.

Wedding – Pastel Tumblr Theme


Pastel colors are all over this theme. It’s made specifically for putting together a wedding website on a budget. This Tumblr theme features a minimalist header section where you can show the wedding date and also has featured sections for showcasing RSVP and Venue details.

Craftista – Tumblr Shop Theme


Craftista is a simple Tumblr theme that you can use to create an online shop to sell your crafts and Etsy products. The theme features a grid-based post layout with price tags, PayPal link integration, and add-to-cart buttons on single post pages. This theme is perfect for affiliate marketers as well.

Blushing – Portfolio Theme


Blushing is a colorful Tumblr theme made for portfolio websites, photo blogs, and personal blogs. The theme comes with a fixed sidebar with a colorful menu and a customizable background. It features a grid-style post layout and supports infinite scrolling.

Daybreak – Tumblr Blog Theme

day break-pastel-tumblr-theme

Daybreak is a minimalist Tumblr blogging theme that also features pastel colors. The theme is fully customizable and you can easily change its colors. It also has a sidebar where you can feature your widgets, a drop-down menu, custom fonts, and much more.

Stella – Classic Blogging Theme


Stella is a Tumblr blogging theme completely covered with pastel colors. It features an old-school retro-theme design that makes it perfect for everything from personal blogs to photography websites and more. Theme has a featured post slider on the homepage and a sidebar that supports all the popular widgets.

Jasmine – Mozaik Tumblr Theme


Jasmine is another pastel colored Tumblr theme that has a grid-style post layout featuring image-based thumbnails. This makes the theme ideal for creating portfolios and photo galleries. The theme supports more than 14 widgets, including Instagram feeds, tag clouds, Twitter feeds, and more.

Bougenville – Beauty Tumblr Theme


Bougenville is a Tumblr theme designed specifically for beauty and fashion bloggers. The theme features a large header section where you can welcome your visitors, along with an author profile section, a sidebar with widgets, and unique post designs. It also supports integration with Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Camelia – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Camelia is a cute Tumblr theme that you can use to make a personal blog or a magazine-style website. The theme features an elegant design full of pastel colors and includes a sidebar with support for social feeds, email subscriber box, author profile, and much more.

Cinnamon – Casual Grid Tumblr Theme


Cinnamon is a Tumblr theme with a modern design. It comes with a masonry-style grid post layout that highlights your content. The theme also has a recent posts slider, tags cloud widgets, author profile, MailChimp integration, social feed widgets, and more.

Nyiur – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Nyiur is a minimalist personal blogging theme for Tumblr featuring stylish pastel colors. The theme includes a header section where you can introduce yourself and has an overlay menu for showcasing tags and links.

Lilac – Tumblr Personal Blog Theme


This cute Tumblr theme features a fun and a quirky design that also shows tags for identifying each post types. The theme is very colorful and you can also customize those colors however you like. It also supports infinite scrolling and integration with Disqus comments.

Platro – Responsive Tumblr Theme


Platro is a colorful portfolio Tumblr theme featuring pastel colors. The theme can also be used to make a personal blog or a photo blog as well. It supports all post types and comes with a masonry-style grid based post layout. It also includes infinite scrolling, social feed widgets, and font icons.

Thirds – 3-Column Tumblr Grid Theme


This 3-column Tumblr blog is perfect for making a professional blog or a portfolio. It has a grid-based post layout that highlights content and includes unique designs for all post types. The theme also integrates with Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Horry – Responsive Tumblr Theme


Horry is a minimalist Tumblr theme you can use to make a simple blog. It includes pastel colors, a fixed-menu that scrolls down with the page, a sidebar for adding your social feeds, author profiles, and ads, and it supports Disqus comments as well.

Silence – Colorful Tumblr Theme


Silence is a colorful theme that is perfect for making a personal blog or a photo blog. It includes colorful post designs, a slide-out menu, a masonry-style grid post layout, and infinite scrolling.

Flaura – Responsive Tumblr Theme


Flaura is a colorful and a responsive Tumblr theme for personal blogs. The theme includes font icons, an image slider, pastel colors, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, and much more. The theme also has a sidebar where you can add many other types of widgets as well.

EGO – Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Ego is a portfolio theme for Tumblr and it features a grid-based layout for effectively highlighting your images and posts. The theme features a sidebar for adding links and widgets. And it includes pastel-colored hover effects.

Susan – Minimal Tumblr Theme


Susan is a minimalist Tumblr theme most suitable for fashion and beauty bloggers as well as photographers. The theme features a masonry-style post layout with large image previews and it also includes a header section with featured posts as well.

Paper – Tumblr Blog Theme


Paper is a colorful Tumblr theme that features beautiful pastel colors. It’s fully customizable and supports Disqus comments, Instagram feeds, and you can customize the background as well. This theme is perfect for a personal blog.

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