New to WordPress? Try One of These 16+ Themes

If you’re new to WordPress, you might be finding it difficult to choose a theme. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled this collection of the most beginner-friendly themes that are perfect for anyone new to WordPress.

Although these are beginner-friendly themes, they certainly aren’t lacking in style and substance. As you browse this collection of themes for new WordPress users, you’ll notice that each one has been designed to a high standard. As you’ll see, choosing a WordPress theme it is suitable for beginners doesn’t mean sacrificing on creativity.

What makes a theme suitable for new WordPress users? One of the criteria is that the theme isn’t overloaded with features. Instead, if you choose one of these themes for WordPress newcomers, you’ll be getting a theme that’s easy to set up and use. As your confidence and requirements grow, you’ll have the option of installing plugins to add more features and functionality to your WordPress website.

A simple homepage design is another piece of criteria that qualifies a theme to be suitable for those who are new to WordPress. Opting for a modest homepage layout means there’s less to get to grips with when setting up your website. A homepage packed full of fancy animations, hover effects, and video sliders might look impressive, but if you’re new to WordPress, trying to set up all those features correctly can be tricky.

Overall, the beginner-friendly WordPress themes in this collection have clean and clear designs, tools to help you set up your website quickly, and a lack of advanced features and functionality. The best themes for new WordPress users also have helpful online documentation and support.

So if you’re new to WordPress, why not try one of these themes! You might also want to read through our selection of tips and advice for choosing your very first WordPress theme!