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Featured: Our New Magazine Theme

We’re excited to introduce our latest theme, Featured. It’s the first magazine-style WordPress theme we’ve released for a while, and we think you’re going to love it!

Featured is the perfect way to create a powerful, beautiful online magazine. It comes with multiple pre-built layouts for feature pages, posts, categories, and more. It’s a fully-flexible way to publish a stunning blog, magazine, or news website. With every feature you’d expect from a high-end WordPress theme!

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Save 60% This Week

This week only, you can use the code MAY60 when placing an order to save 60% off any of our themes or packages!

It’s a one-off chance to get lifetime access to our themes for just $39.

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6 Places to Find a Free Video Background for WordPress

What does your website background say about your brand and business? Are you still using a static image background on your website that no one pays attention to? Well then, maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

A video background in the hero section or header of your website can add something unique, and capture your reader’s attention (and hopefully make them stick around for longer than 15 seconds!) It’s a way to design a new and refreshing intro section for your site that truly deserve the visitor’s attention.

Brands like NSX, Expedia, and Wacoal understands this better than others and they use amazing video backgrounds to immediately attract the attention of their website visitors.

What are these video backgrounds anyway? Can you add one to your own website? This article will answer all those questions and we’ll show you a few places for finding great free stock videos!

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How to Find a WordPress Theme for a Kids Or Children’s Website 

When searching the perfect theme for a children’s website, you shouldn’t just choose a design that kids would love. Don’t forget that often, your target audience should be adults as well — especially if it’s a website for a daycare center, a preschool, or even an eCommerce site for kids toys.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the design look playful and fun. Because you still need the website design to match your business or organization. And you must find a theme that goes along nicely with your services and products.

This will put you in a tough position when selecting a WordPress theme for your new kids website. You can’t just randomly pick a theme. You need a theme that grabs the attention of the adults while also portraying the kid-friendly side of your business.

We’re here to help make that process easier for you. Simply follow these tips when searching for your kids website theme and you’ll be able to find the perfect design!

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5 Reasons to Try a Well-Structured Grid WordPress Theme

In web design, a grid is mostly known as a layout made out of rows and columns, which is used for designing the content structure of a web page. If you look carefully, you can see it on almost every well-designed website these days.

However, the grid concept has also inspired many other types of designs, such as portfolios, online stores, and even infographic design to use the same layout. Why? Because this design strategy uses space effectively and improves user experience.

When it comes to WordPress themes, grid-based designs are quite popular, especially with WordPress blog and magazine themes. But, how do you spot a WordPress theme with a well-structured grid design? What kind of websites should use a grid WordPress theme? What are the benefits of using such a theme? We’re taking a look today!

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6 Tips for Finding an Instagram WordPress Theme

With over 600 million monthly active users, Instagram is now one of the most powerful social networks for marketing products and building brand awareness online.

Everyone from bloggers to corporate businesses are now using Instagram to market and grow their business through the photo and video sharing platform, trying out every trick they can to build a large following.

But have you tried converting your website visitors into Instagram followers?

We’re not just talking about adding an Instagram follow button on your website. The best way to convert your website visitors into followers is to showcase your content from your Instagram channel directly on your WordPress site. This allows you to easily grab visitor’s attention with visual content and build your Instagram following quite easily.

There are several benefits to finding an Instagram WordPress theme, and today we’re looking at the key things to watch out for when integrating Instagram with your WordPress site!

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How to Find a Great DJ WordPress Theme

As a DJs, artist, or musicians, do you need your own website? And kind of benefits would using WordPress bring?

There are plenty of benefits of having a website, especially for artists. It’s a great way to build a place to showcase your best work, attract new audiences, and provide a hub for your fans to learn more about your career.

Unfortunately, many artists and DJs still don’t see the value of having a website, and miss out on an enormous opportunity to promote their work online. So, what kind of benefits can a website bring for a new and upcoming DJ? Let’s find out.

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Introducing Pinpoint: A New Portfolio Theme

We’re excited to introduce our latest theme, Pinpoint — a minimal grid-based portfolio WordPress theme that will make your voice crystal clear.

Pinpoint is a minimal WordPress portfolio theme, perfect for creating a collection of stunning images, articles, videos, links, and more. Feature posts in a powerful slider, hook up your social accounts, fill out an “About Me” section, and make this beautifully minimal template your own!

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