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Introducing the Fashion Chic WordPress Theme

We’ve had some great feedback on the HTML template release of Fashion Chic, and we’re excited to let you know that the new WordPress theme is now available to download!

Fashion Chic includes a powerful slider, sidebar widgets, multiple navigation bars, featured content blocks, advertising support, and much more! Read on to find out a bit more about what the theme includes, and the type of projects that it’s perfect for.

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8 Best bbPress Plugins to Power Up Your Forum

Whether it’s for building discussion boards, communities, or customer support systems, internet forums are known as an important tool that almost every brand and company needs to run a successful business online.

Forums used to be a tool limited only to big corporate brands. But, that all changed once WordPress came along with its own free forum software, bbPress.

Today, anyone with a WordPress website can build their own forum without any technical or programming knowledge. Many popular sites, like AuthorCode, WPML, MakeUpGeek, and Cycling74 currently use bbPress to power their community forums.

In addition to being easy to use and setup, another great feature of bbPress is that it can be customized with third-party plugins to add more features to your forums. In this article, we take a look at some of the best bbPress plugins you can get to supercharge your bbPress forum to add more functionality and features. Take a look and see if you already have these add-ons.

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8 Best WordPress Calendar Plugins Compared

A calendar can be a great tool for almost any type of a website. Especially if your company or service website rely on a booking system, events and venues, ticketing system, or  schedules. And some of the best WordPress calendar plugins can make this easy!

That default calendar widget on WordPress is fairly under-powered though, and it’s very likely that you’ll need a much more advanced calendar to setup features like online booking and schedules.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best calendar plugins available on WordPress and compare their best features to help you figure out the best calendar plugin for your website. Let’s get started!

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WordPress Two-Factor Authentication: How To Set It Up

Why is having a strong password so important? Bad passwords are one of the most common ways to compromise your WordPress setup. For somebody who has a very common 8-character password, it can literally take less than a second for a computer to go through the possibilities to pull that password out. That’s why WordPress two-factor authentication can be so important.

So, if you’ve thought that having a simple 8-character password for your WordPress login is enough to protect your site from hackers, think again. Because around 30,000 websites gets hacked every day and there were around 16,000 (and probably more) WordPress sites hacked in 2016 alone.

Obviously, even having a long and strong password is no longer enough to protect you from hackers. Doing something as simple as clicking on a link in a malicious email or unknowingly downloading a malware infested software is enough to put you at risk.

This is why Two-Factor Authentication, or 2-Step Verification, was invented. Today we’re looking at how you can set it up simply for your WordPress website, regardless of what theme you’re using!

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Fashion Chic HTML Template Now Available

We’re excited to let you know that our next HTML template is now available! It’s called Fashion Chic, and it contains everything you need to make a beautiful lifestyle blog.

Packed with powerful functionality and beautiful design, Fashion Chic makes it easy to create a stunning lifestyle or fashion blog.

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WordPress Theme Trends in 2016: 8 Examples

Web design and WordPress theme trends never stop changing and evolving. Every year we see new and innovative trends showing up all over the web. Some design trends come and go, but the best of them usually stick around for a long time.

But, why should you worry about staying updated and following these trends? Well, if you’re in the market for a new WordPress theme, it’s important that you choose a theme that matches with current design trends. It’ll make your project feel current, and offer you a design that won’t feel dated overnight!

We’ll be exploring this concept more, and looking at what the best WordPress theme trends are this year.

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Introducing the All-New Theme Junkie

We’ve been making some big changes and improvements at Theme Junkie over the past month. It’s all culminating in today’s completely new design, platform, and updated version of the site!

Read on to find out more about our new design, completely re-vamped blog, theme collections, improved affiliate program, forum, and more. There’s lots to explore, and we’d love your feedback and thoughts.

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Kleo WordPress Theme

Kleo is a flexible WordPress theme that can be used to build almost any type of website. Thanks to Kleo’s large number of stylish demos you can quickly import a pre-built website into your WordPress installation before customizing it and then adding your own content.

However, despite having demos covering blogs, news sites, business homepages, and agency websites that help make it a great choice for a wide range of different projects, one particularly interesting aspect of the Kleo WordPress theme is the fact that it’s also been created to help you build an online community website. The social and community-related features of Kleo are provided by the highly flexible BuddyPress social-network-in-a-box plugin and its library of add-ons – some of which are included in the Kleo WordPress theme package.

Therefore, whether you’re building a more traditional blog, website, or ecommerce store, or you’re planning to create an online home for your community, the Kleo WordPress theme could be just the theme you’re looking for.

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