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How to Build a Classified Directory With WordPress

If you’re planning on starting a small classified site with local listings, or a directory site with multiple categories, you can use WordPress to build a feature-packed site that can rival Craigslist or Gumtree.

The best part is that you can build the site all by yourself, with some smart research, a high-quality WordPress theme, and a few relevant plugins. No coding or web design experience required.

Let’s take a look at what building a classified or directory site involves, find out about advanced features like user submissions and payment processing, and share tips on how to get started!

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How to Use WordPress for a Furniture Store

Building an online presence for a business is one of the most important steps that many small businesses often avoid, because of the costs that come along with it. According to a survey, nearly 50% of small businesses don’t have a website and only 24% have plans to develop a website in the future.

Creating a website for a startup or a digital service is one thing. But, would anyone care to buy furniture online? As it turns out, yes. There are many furniture stores out there that have made quite a success through their websites and social media promotion campaigns.

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5 Reasons to Use an RTL WordPress Theme

When creating an international website, your number one goal should be to build a site that pleases all types of audiences. This means you must explore the various cultures and languages used by different countries around the world.

This is an important rule, especially when building websites for multi-national and corporate businesses. You can’t just get away with a simple website that uses English-only content. You have to consider other languages as well. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to reach a large audience through your website.

RTL, or Right-To-Left, designs make a huge difference when creating multilingual websites. Since over 410 million people around the world are native RTL speakers, RTL support is not something you can ignore.

If you’re building your website with WordPress, this whole process will be much easier. Here’s why!

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A Quick Start Guide to Use Visual Composer

Visual Composer is arguably the best page builder plugin available for WordPress. It’s capable of creating everything from landing pages to home pages and beyond. The best part is Visual Composer is completely beginner friendly. It’s one of the many […]

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10 Tools & Apps for Working with WordPress

You finally did it. You logged into WordPress and started a website. And there’s a lot of good reason for your choice. WordPress is the most popular backend website builder and content management system in the world.

Now it is time to make the most of that choice. Thankfully there are plenty of great tools and apps to help you make your website look great while being user-friendly. We’re sharing a few of our favourite apps and tools!

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6 Places to Find a Free Video Background for WordPress

What does your website background say about your brand and business? Are you still using a static image background on your website that no one pays attention to? Well then, maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

A video background in the hero section or header of your website can add something unique, and capture your reader’s attention (and hopefully make them stick around for longer than 15 seconds!) It’s a way to design a new and refreshing intro section for your site that truly deserve the visitor’s attention.

Brands like NSX, Expedia, and Wacoal understands this better than others and they use amazing video backgrounds to immediately attract the attention of their website visitors.

What are these video backgrounds anyway? Can you add one to your own website? This article will answer all those questions and we’ll show you a few places for finding great free stock videos!

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How to Find a WordPress Theme for a Kids Or Children’s Website 

When searching the perfect theme for a children’s website, you shouldn’t just choose a design that kids would love. Don’t forget that often, your target audience should be adults as well — especially if it’s a website for a daycare center, a preschool, or even an eCommerce site for kids toys.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the design look playful and fun. Because you still need the website design to match your business or organization. And you must find a theme that goes along nicely with your services and products.

This will put you in a tough position when selecting a WordPress theme for your new kids website. You can’t just randomly pick a theme. You need a theme that grabs the attention of the adults while also portraying the kid-friendly side of your business.

We’re here to help make that process easier for you. Simply follow these tips when searching for your kids website theme and you’ll be able to find the perfect design!

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5 Reasons to Try a Well-Structured Grid WordPress Theme

In web design, a grid is mostly known as a layout made out of rows and columns, which is used for designing the content structure of a web page. If you look carefully, you can see it on almost every well-designed website these days.

However, the grid concept has also inspired many other types of designs, such as portfolios, online stores, and even infographic design to use the same layout. Why? Because this design strategy uses space effectively and improves user experience.

When it comes to WordPress themes, grid-based designs are quite popular, especially with WordPress blog and magazine themes. But, how do you spot a WordPress theme with a well-structured grid design? What kind of websites should use a grid WordPress theme? What are the benefits of using such a theme? We’re taking a look today!

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