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9 Important Considerations When Choosing a WordPress Theme

According to Wikipedia, WordPress powers more than 60 million websites worldwide. This is attributed to its user-friendly interface and the presence of limitless resources. One of the best resources that WordPress offers is the WordPress themes. These are essential resources that make it easy even for the newbie to create a professionally looking website even without working on the code. However, the big question is this: how do you pick the best themes for your website?

Many things go into consideration when it comes to the choice of a WordPress theme. You have to consider what your website will be about, what you wish to achieve and how the theme you select will benefit you. There are a couple things you need to consider when picking a theme.

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Common WordPress Errors and Solutions

WordPress has revolutionized web hosting and blogging. Millions of blogs are hosted on WordPress and it keeps counting with each increasing day. Some of the facts that make WordPress adorable to many people are that it is easy to navigate and free of persistent errors.

Except for some minimal administrative and technical errors, WordPress is a perfect hosting platform. So what are some of these errors that occasionally hinder the use of this interactive platform and how can they be solved? It is discovery time.

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How to Translate Our WordPress Themes

One of the great features of Theme Junkie themes is that our themes are Internationalized (I18n). In simple language, it means that you can translate any of our themes in your own language!

In this quick tutorial, we’ll walk you through an overview of how to translate our themes quickly and easily into a language of your choice.

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