Pricing Structure Changes For New Members

To continue to provide a good, better and more awesome WordPress themes and our support service we decided to slightly adjusting our current pricing model. I wrote about how busy our teams this year, even more busy than ever! We also recently released two awesome themes GoMedia and Rexus in just 2 weeks! And our new and existing members really love it.

We are raising our current price because we believe that it will ultimately result in the best products and the best experience for our customers. But please do not worry with it, because this price change keeps our themes package very affordable.

We made the business decision to increase prices as of August 1, 2014 and the new pricing will be:

  • Standard Member = $49
  • Lifetime Member = $199

Our price increase gives us the resources needed for our teams to provide a more fantastic products and superb support. If you have any concerns or questions around the price increase, please don’t hesitate to contact us or comment on this post below.


    1. Roy Admin

      Don’t worry. The new pricing only apply to new members. Existing members do not need to pay any additional fees.

  1. Jeroen

    This is only for new members right? I currently already have a lifetime account, so I don’t have to pay more for that?

  2. Ken


    What about members who already bought life membership at the previous price? Life membership continues for them without any additional payment, correct?


      1. Ron

        OK, so I must have misunderstood this before …. so a lifetime membership is what it means in the literal sense of the word….I originally thought the $99 was an annual subscription fee! So after paying a one-time fee, someone has access to all current and future themes, plus all updates and support? Does this guarantee that you will continue to be motivated to update and support all themes in the future? With this model, who would even pick the ‘standard’ membership option …as that will not give them updates beyond the one year?? That is a bit of a weird option compared to the lifetime option….it would be different, if you offered a third option, which is single theme purchases that also come with lifetime updates and support for THAT theme, i.e. $39 per theme.

        1. Ron

          I would actually appreciate some feedback on my comments.

          Can you guarantee that with a one-off lifetime fee, you will be constantly updating themes based on feedback, feature upgrades, bugs and WP version upgrades?
          When people use a theme, they need to be able to rely on this. 😉

  3. Ron

    I was just considering buying one or two themes…yet I realized that you limit access to updates to one year. That makes a one-off purchase price of $39, soon to be $49, a limited value (limited to one year).

    On the other hand….I am not a friend of yearly subscriptions, as the average user will never be needing more than one or two themes, perhaps three. Most of your earlier themes feel outdated by design and functionality, making a 100% price increase from 99 USD to 199 USD even less attractive at any given point (as older themes will always become outdated unless major overhauls happen…which I don’t see here).

    I would rather pay a few dollars more for SINGLE theme purchases and even perhaps pay an additional small amount (i.e. $20) per annum for a professional, speedy support AND regular (small AND major) updates to each theme, than paying such an amount for things I don’t need.

    Also please answer these questions:

    – How many version upgrades have you had for each of your previous themes, is there an overview in table format that we can see?

    – Will renewals for those who sign up prior to 1 Aug REMAIN at $99 p.a. or increase, too?

    1. Roy Admin

      Hi, we do update our themes frequently, most of our themes have been updated as needed, e.g., to compatible with the latest version of WP, to fix bugs, or to add some features that our users want.

      Your questions:

      1. You can check the change logs by using this link format, change “newswire” to other theme name (lowercase). For paid customers, they can view the theme change logs in the forum directly.

      2. The new pricing only apply to new members since August 1st, 2014. From now to July 31, 2014, you can still take advantage of our current low pricing.

      Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, if you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

  4. Ron

    Also please answer this:

    Do you work with independent developers, or inhouse developers? I suspect they are independent – but:

    1. ) How do you guarantee that the themes they build for you will be supported and upgraded in the future?

    2.) Regarding updates on themes: Based on forum threads, when people want changes on themes functionality or layout – when you suggest to add custom CSS code etc, do you based on this feedback make changes to themes on an ongoing basis so that it benefits everyone without everyone needing to apply custom CSS code?

    3.) With new versions of your theme, will this be a one click in the WP dashboard to load the new version, or do people have to do it the manual way by deleting the old theme first, activate another theme, then upload and activate the new theme?

    1. Ron

      You are not very quick in responding. With your intention to double pricing, I would hope for much quicker and thorough responses!

  5. 4real

    So everything and No extra strings added or charged for ANYTHING EVER. $99 correct?
    Do you get confirmation of all of this once purchased?

    1. Roy Admin

      Yes, before Aug.1st, 2014, by paying $99 and you will get LIFETIME everything. We just want to offer our customers the best value, don’t worry, this is CONFIRMED.

  6. My websites are not working from 1st August 2014, even i have purchased 3 themes product last year for lifetime in $49.

    Kindly revert did i have to pay again… ???

  7. Very interesting .I used the table theme from you, and liked a lot. Now i need something more professional and i’m planning to buy some themes :o)

    hugs from Brazil

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