Movable 1.0 Theme Released

We are very happy to announce that the Movable 1.0 theme has been released. Movable is an interesting theme, you (and your readers) could move, collapse and close the News Widgets on homepage, the theme will automatically *remember* the changed layout in the browser cookie. This theme also built with many useful back-end options. Below you can see how the theme looks:

Homepage Layout of the Movable Theme

Theme Features

  • Advanced & Easy To Use Theme Options Panel
  • Drag and Drop Homepage Style & Stylish Navigation Menu
  • Built-in SEO Options
  • Built-in Navigation Menu Management
  • Custom Widgets (Unlimited Ad Spaces, Social Profiles, Twitter Stream, Flickr Photos, Author Info, etc.)
  • Text/Image Logo Switcher
  • Advertisement Management
  • Localization Ready
  • Custom Page Templates (Full Width, Archives, Links, Redirect)
  • Custom Numeric Pagination
  • WordPress Custom Menu & Custom Background Integrated

As always, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!


  1. You themes great, I did signup for members but I found your themes is not fix my news website, it lack some feature (I did request in previous email but…)
    I love the theme JA TELINE in joomla(
    If you can build similar them (clone) in WordPress? I will pay for it.

  2. Martin

    looks promising…

    – what did you plan on offering under submit news and upcoming?
    – would it be possible to display the latest post with an excerpt and larger thumbnail?

    1. Roy Admin

      1. These two pages are normal pages.
      2. Actually I have thought of that function, may be we could include this feature in future theme updates.

  3. Zaman

    Nice theme Roy. Could you also create a coupon theme in the future. I have been planning to build a coupon site and would highly appreciate if you could create a coupon theme like the website or other similar websites.

    Some examples of present wordpress themes with similar features are:

    Feature Details:

    Please create such a theme.

    1. Roy Admin

      Thanks for the kind words. Ever thought of changing your current theme to a Theme Junkie powered theme? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Imcredable theme. Anyway to make it where the users cant move the widgets or collapse them? And change the header/ banner color or image to fit that entire space ? (full member)

  5. jerry

    I tried the forester but I couldn’t seem to get the slide working so I haD TO MOVE ON PLUS NOT MUCH DOCUMENTATION AVAILABLE ON IT NOR SAMPLE DATA

    1. Roy Admin

      Everything should be working fine, if you encountered any theme problems, feel free to open a thread on the forum and our support stuff will help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Andr1y

    Nice theme, I like it and decided to buy it.
    But I have found a few bugs:
    1) On home page when i try to swap block in the top row one block from bottom row jumps to fourth row.
    2) On category page in some browsers don’t shows thumbnail images.

    If I buy Standard Package can I expect that this defects will be fixed and I will get updates for free.

    And one more question: have you possibility to take money via WebMoney? Thanks.

    1. Roy Admin


      1. It’s not a bug, drag and drop the widgets on homepage for several times then you will get familiar with it.
      2. What browser? We have tested the theme on Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE8, everything is working fine.

      By purchasing the standard package, you will get this theme plus lifetime support and upgrades for free. We only accept payments via PayPal, Credit Card and MoneyBookers.

  7. KingWebTeam

    hi Roy, i was tried movable and testing it for my customer. I realy like this theme, about style, color, font but i think this theme load slow. Have question?

  8. Zaman

    Hi Roy,

    When will your next theme be released. I thought you made theme junkie a membership site too and so you would release a few themes a month. But you hardly even release new themes nowadays. Other theme membership sites with even lesser membership fees are releasing 2-4 themes a month. I expect that you would at least release 1-2 themes a month after it has turned into a membership site. Otherwise making it a club membership site too would hardly even make sense. Hope to see your new themes soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Sudhir

    I want to buy your theme Movable. But I have not credit card & also have not balance in Would you accept Debit Card (Master Card). Please help me. I am really interested in your themes. Please provide me coupon code to my mail Address.

  10. This theme layout is exactly what I’m looking for.
    However, for what I need, there’s really no purpose to have the boxes “movable”, is there any option within the settings to make it static (remove the “movable” features)?

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